I am a Ft. Collins Colorado Native, a Menominee Native American Indian and have often been called a “Colorado” girl,  I love being outside! This state provides that opportunity every month and almost everyday of the year.  The description is fitting for my artwork as well because I am inspired by the beauty in nature:  beauty in color, texture, in freedom and simplicity.

When each project begins, I start with a flat piece of metal and a concept.  In order to achieve my goals, I use computer aided drawing, plasma cutting, hammering, sanding, welding, color manipulation and then add my unique twist to it, which gives it dimension, depth and personality…life’s in the details. I want my audience to really feel my creations.

I also do commissioned work, please contact me for more information.

I love what I do and hope you enjoy it as well.  I have some of my work located in The Blue Moose Art Gallery, a local gallery, and will be in many upcoming art/craft fairs.  I will keep an update as to what will be coming up.

Open Air 150 - August 29

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